New Video and Single Release July 22nd for Improvisation No. 1

I’ve decided to start recording, filming and releasing free improvisations for solo guitar as a way to provide as much content as possible while hoping to expose more people to classical guitar improvisation and classical improvisation as a whole. Many great composers were also remarkable improvisors on their instrument from Bach to Liszt and beyond, yet very few people think of improvisation when they think of older western styles. Improvisation is a vital part of any living music and with any luck it will once again make it’s way into formal classical training.


New Video, Revamped Scores page and Dim Bloom Score now available!

That’s right, Dim Bloom score is now available along with all my other scores for free.

What’s the catch? The catch is I want your email. So, I’ve made it so the only way to get to the download page is through a welcome email.

If you’ve already signed up for my Email let me know and I’ll make sure you can get to the page. Message me on Instagram/Facebook/Reddit for the quickest response.

**bookmark the scores download page once you get it because it is not posted anywhere.**

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, check out my new video of Reflections in the Rain! I’m loving my new mic, the MOTIV 51 by Shure. It makes portable recording/streaming high quality audio video a breeze.

Video Premier: Gasper Sanz – Canarios 1/18/2021 10am.

A performance of my arrangement of Gasper Sanz’s beloved Canarios. This lovely piece has been arranged by and for, so many classical guitarists it’s unfathomable how many variations have been created. My arrangement draws from some of the intensity of Julian Breams version for guitar and orchestra, as well as the delicate natures of the baroque guitar.

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My Arrangement of Dream Theater’s Losing Time / Grande Finale

While most of Dream Theaters songs are so incredibly difficult to distill into a classical reduction like this, Losing Time from 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence translates comparatively easily to classical guitar. I used nothing but my ear for this arrangement, so hopefully I’ve added everything important.

I’m still planning out my sheet music and tabs for this and other arrangements and compositions, but I hope to have them ready soon. For songs like this, notations will be free, while for my own compositions they will cost something. I’m sure they’ll be affordable.

Thanks for listening.

My arrangement of Mendelssohn’s op. 19 no. 4 “Confidence”

I’ve begun my journey of exploring some of my favorite songs and pieces. For starters I chose a piece that also happens to be a song.

Last spring in my form and analysis class, I was able to chose this song out of the rest of the collection of op. 19 and instantly fell in love. I was also intrigued by how it seemed like it could be a very fitting piece for the guitar.

After completing the assignment I worked on it until it became polished and included it in my repertoire for my senior recital.

This is just the beginning. I have a dream theater song arranged for guitar already and I’ll be releasing more videos of my performances, as well as updating them with sheet music and tabs of my arrangements. Thanks for listening.