New Video, Revamped Scores page and Dim Bloom Score now available!

That’s right, Dim Bloom score is now available along with all my other scores for free.

What’s the catch? The catch is I want your email. So, I’ve made it so the only way to get to the download page is through a welcome email.

If you’ve already signed up for my Email let me know and I’ll make sure you can get to the page. Message me on Instagram/Facebook/Reddit for the quickest response.

**bookmark the scores download page once you get it because it is not posted anywhere.**

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, check out my new video of Reflections in the Rain! I’m loving my new mic, the MOTIV 51 by Shure. It makes portable recording/streaming high quality audio video a breeze.


Bach’s Allemande from Suite BWV 996 is first of many Bach performance videos.

I’ve started to record performances of some of my favorite J.S. Bach pieces to play on guitar. I’m starting with the Allemande from 996 because I’ve been playing it longer than any piece. Even after around 17 years of playing it, I see it in a new light every time I re-learn it.

Here’s a link to the playlist so you can stay up to date with any videos added to it! Please Like and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Video Premier: Gasper Sanz – Canarios 1/18/2021 10am.

A performance of my arrangement of Gasper Sanz’s beloved Canarios. This lovely piece has been arranged by and for, so many classical guitarists it’s unfathomable how many variations have been created. My arrangement draws from some of the intensity of Julian Breams version for guitar and orchestra, as well as the delicate natures of the baroque guitar.

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Now Streaming every Tue Wed and Thurs at 2pm EST on Reddit.

Like the title and the embedded post says, I’m streaming live on Reddit Public Access for the foreseeable future Tuesday- through Thursday at 2pm each day until the reddit gods decide my time is up. The above clip is from an earlier stream where I played some movements of Francisco Corbetta’s Suite in Am. My favorite two movements are this prelude and the courante. I frequently switch up my material and my stream consists of rehearsed performances, improvisations, reading through pieces and songs I’m working on, and a healthy mix of my own compositions and arrangements as well as others. I always like to talk about what I’m working on, so please tune in and ask me questions on the air!

Spring 2020 Honors Recital Performance Online for USM

My contribution to the 43rd Honors Recital for the School of Music at the University of Southern Maine. I’m playing the first movement of the great Mauro Giuliani’s Sonata in C, Op. 15. In order to win a performance slot for this recital I had to perform in front of an anonymous group of 3 professional concert musicians who were chosen as judges. The competitions were steep this semester and everyone who auditioned was immensely talented. I feel very humbled and honored to have been chosen to be one of the lucky performers for this event.

This was the first ever online honors recital. Because of the continuation of the pandemic they were forced to have us record it ourselves or on the campus if we were still enrolled. I actually graduated just slightly before recording this performance. The original performance was meant to happen live in either April or May if I remember correctly.